Guinness Pulled Pork Sliders

Night Before

Slice white onion and lay on the bottom of crock pot. Mix together paprika, salt, red pepper, garlic powder. Rub on the pork loin and place on top of the onion.

Mix together coleslaw and dressing and let sit.

Day of:

Add a beer to the crock pot and cook on low for 8 – 10 hours, or until pork is done and pulls apart. Serve on mini Hawaiian rolls with coleslaw.



Sweet and Sour Meatloaf


Chop broccoli, place in container and drizzle with olive oil, red pepper flake, garlic, salt, and pepper.

Mix beef with ketchup,

Prep can only be 1 -2 days prior to cooking.

Day of:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spread broccoli on a cookie sheet and roast for 10 – 15 minutes.

Place beef in microwave for 8 minutes. While beef is in microwave, clean and pierce potatoes and put broccoli in oven.

Heat half and half on stove in a pot.

Place pierced potatoes in microwave for 7 minutes. Mix glaze and pour over beef. When the potatoes are done put the beef back in the microwave for 3 – 5 minutes and scoop out the potatoes into the half and half.

Spagetti Squash and Meat Sauce


Cut spaghetti squash in half, drizzle with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Place on tinfoil covered baking sheet, face down. Roast at x degrees for x minutes. Scoop out cooled squash and store.

Brown meat with 1/2 onion and garlic. Slice mushrooms and add. Add tomato sauce and Italian seasonings. Store.

Day of:

Reheat and serve with meat sauce on top of spaghetti squash.

Week 16


Mommy Update: Eek! It’s March!  I had another doctor appointment this week and it went really well.  My blood pressure and weight are starting to go up, but are still healthy-low so I am a happy camper – just signs that I am apparently with child.  I also asked my doc about the reports about acetaminophen (this was my causality/correlation question I mentioned on Facebook) and it sounds pretty bogus so I’m not worried.  I am officially in maternity pants now and was so excited that a friend came with to the store.  It was crazy – when we walked in the saleswoman offered us complementary water and juice from the juice bar and told us about their free pre-natal yoga classes.  There was also a “daddy corner” with a big screen TV playing sports.  I thought that was a bit much, but hey – to each their own.  Towards the end of last week and the beginning of this week all I wanted was a bacon cheeseburger, but now this weekend cravings have shifted back to fruit – specifically juice.  I don’t even know if I would call them cravings – I wanted juice badly enough to mix the concentrate with water and stir, but if we hadn’t any on hand I wouldn’t have dropped everything to run to the store.  Think strong preference, not homicidal dash….

Daddy Update:  We went stroller and crib shopping on Saturday night to get out of the house.  For those of you that didn’t see on Facebook, we were without water for about 36 hours so it was a good excuse to get out.  There were a lot of options, but after trying them out and coming home and doing some research we have it narrowed down to a few choices.   N was also really handy this past weekend and put up a shelf in the downstairs closet, thus completing the great office clean out and scrapbooking reorganization of 2014.

Baby Update: Bug is as big as an avocado this week, which is about 4.6 inches long and 3.5 oz.  Bug can also already hear our voices, and will recognize them when born.  Bug’s muscles are also getting stronger and can hold up the head and make different facial expressions.  Heartbeat was again good and strong at the last doctor appointment.

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To: I’m not really missing anything right now.  It was rough not having running water for so long – but we went out a lot and actually spent Friday night at my parents’ house because I still am running to the bathroom every hour, on the hour (which is down from every 7 minutes – and that only feels like a slight exaggeration) All of the apps say I might start to feel the baby this week, so I am really looking forward to that!


Week 15


Mommy Update: I am really enjoying the little warm up and N and I have gotten to take the puppy for a few walks.  Even though it has been a really cold winter, I am not feeling the cold nearly as much as I normally do, which has been an awesome bonus.  I got some round ligament pain this week, so I am really going to start going to prenatal yoga this week.  maybe.  if I still have the energy on Thursday.

Daddy Update: It’s been a busy work week, so we are looking forward to things being a little calmer this week!

Baby Update:  Baby is the size of an apple or an orange.  Apparently, bug is starting to squirm quite a bit, but I can’t tell.  I have another doctor appointment this week, so I’ll get to hear the heartbeat again.  It has been really strong (and fast!) every time.  Side note – my blood volume has increased over 20% so far, and by August it will have increased between 30 – 50%.  Gross.

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To: We went out to dinner this week and N had a steak that wasn’t as done as a hockey puck and a beer.  The beer didn’t sound good, but a nice medium rare steak and a glass of Chianti sounds delish.  I’m looking forward to continuing to organize stuff around the house.  The office should be done this week, which means we can move to the basement next!


Week 14


Mommy Update: I went maternity clothes shopping over the weekend with my mom and it seems like I am getting closer to needing them!  Some days I feel bigger than others, and today was a bigger day!  I am getting my energy back and am not feeling winded when I go up a big flight of stairs, which is fabulous.  Cravings are strong, but starting to slow for Jimmy John’s veggie subs and the berry booster smoothie from the-place-we-will-always-refer-to-as-Alterra-even-though-now-it-is-Colectivo.

Daddy Update: N is being a huge help and finished the chalkboard for me to start taking pictures with!  He also just finished updating the upstairs bathroom.  Finally telling people was “nice” and “a relief” and I couldn’t agree more!

Baby Update: Nothing new – it’s going to be a few weeks before I can start to feel anything but we have another doctor’s appointment next week.  Baby is the size of a lemon (!) and now has it’s own hormones.  I haven’t been too hormonal – except for the SUPER sappy Olympic mom commercials.  Seriously.  Enough already.  If anything N says I’m getting sassier.  If this is coming from the bug, we are in trouble 🙂

Missing & Looking Forward: sleeping through the night & coffee tasting good/ getting the office organized so I can move my scrapbooking stuff out of the spare bedroom/future nursery