39 Weeks


Mommy Update: This week was still pretty itchy, but knock on wood, tonight things seem to be a little more under control.  This week was kind of a blur between work being a little crazy, not being able to sleep much, and all the scratching…  Every night I came home and said I was going to pack my bag for the hospital, and it still hasn’t happened yet.  I bought everything earlier this week which includes some super soft PJ tops that I will be able to nurse in, nursing tanks, tennis balls for labor pain management (either for use getting a back rub or to chuck at people… or both), and some headbands that are supposed to be non-slip, but after testing them out they don’t work at all.  All of these items are still in the target bags on our dining room table, so if stuff goes super fast and we have to make a run for the hospital, we can just be super cool and run in with all the target bags, because that says “Hello.  I am a mature and responsible adult that is prepared to care for and be completely responsible for a small child’s life.”

Daddy Update: N turned the big 31 today so we went out for a nice dinner.  We also stopped at Toys R Us and got a huge stuffed elephant to take monthly baby pictures with and N got a rubiks cube, which he is currently frustrating entertaining himself with.  The guy at the checkout said that these toys were going to make somebody really happy.  and we are, thankyouverymuch.

Baby Update: Bug is over the 7.5 lb. mark and basically is just working on getting fat and smart.  This week he is the size of a watermelon.  I was about to write that he is moving less, but then he kicked me in the ribs, so I take it back.  There are really no major milestones left at this point, except for the whole being born thing.  That being said, we did buy a photo album and I have started making a list of what important “firsts” we need to keep track of.  If you need a good giggle, I highly recommend this article from Huff Post about some memorable firsts to add to the realistic baby book….  something tells me I won’t be scrapbooking any of these fond memories to come…

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To: I know I don’t miss it yet, but I think I am going to miss feeling Bug move.  Now the only thing we are really looking forward to is finally getting this show on the road so we can meet the little guy!



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