38 Weeks


Mommy Update.  It is a small miracle that I have stopped scratching my belly long enough to write this post.  Less than 1 half of 1 percent of pregnant  people are lucky enough to get this fantastic, completely harmless rash that is itchier than poison ivy.  I’m lucky enough to have a particularly severe case that is also on my thighs, knees, and feet.  Although no one knows what causes it, it seems to be more popular with first time preggos and also preggos with boys.  One theory is that it is hormone related and another site hypothesized that it is a mild (?!?!) allergic reaction to the kid’s DNA.  The good news is that is clears up once the kiddo is out.  Need a hot stock tip?  Buy Benedryl.

This has been my first official I-am-ready-for-this-all-to-be-over moment.  Eating lots of chocolate ice cream isn’t even solving the issue – and believe me – I have tried.

On a positive note – I definitely am having more contractions, feeling the baby is lower, and am experiencing other signs that things are moving towards me getting ready to go.

My mom also came over this week to make food.  We made a total of 24 meals and froze them so that N and I won’t have to worry about that for quite a few weeks once Bug is out.

Daddy Update.  N had a busy week.  In addition to helping make the food, he also hung bookshelves in the nursery, installed the car seats, hung a new light in our bedroom, and did a ton of yard work all while continuing to spoil me rotten.

Baby Update.  Bug is up to about 7 pounds and is as big as a pumpkin.  Sometimes when you see preemies born they have a white waxy goo on their skin.  This is called vernix caseosa and our bug is starting to get rid of it this week.  It is developed  usually around week 18 to protect Bug’s skin.  Here is a fun little flashback to how I looked at week 18.


Some other fun things that I don’t know if I have mentioned here yet.  I was doing some reading into male hormonal development.  Bug is going to be born with as much testosterone as an 11 year old male.  This is necessary for him to develop in spite of all of my estrogen.  I have been guessing boy since the beginning because I have felt a lot more testosterone-y (especially when in bad traffic).  These levels dip rather quickly, but then rise again for a short time when Bug is 4.  Apparently we can expect a lot of crazy rough-housing at this age.  The hormones dip pretty quickly again at 5, conveniently just in time for school, but sometimes they don’t dip quickly enough which causes some boys to struggle with “getting through the day” in Kindergarten.  Finally, hormones begin to spike again around 10/11.  The more you know…



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