37 Weeks


Mommy Update: I don’t know why, but 3 weeks from done seems a lot crazier than 4 weeks.  I mean, I understand how numbers work – I even taught math for 4 years – and when we are talking simple addition and subtraction that I can use my fingers and toes to do (not that I can actually see my toes, but you get the idea) I’m pretty solid.  But for whatever reason 4 down to 3 is a little freaky.  Enter the 4 sheets of paper taped to our hall wall with to-do lists.  Slowly but surely things are getting crossed off.  We finished buying everything we think we’ll need, ran to Costco to buy XXX Vitamin Water in bulk so that I can take it to the hospital, and I even bought enough stamps so that I can finish getting out thank yous and am ready to go for birth announcements… and Christmas cards.  I am still having a few contractions and more pressure and my feet look like a cabbage patch doll’s, but other than that I am just peachy and hoping I have enough time and energy to get everything done!

Daddy Update: This week we finished buying all the big stuff we needed and put everything together.  First we went to Costco – seriously not sure how we did this prior to owning the SUV – and then we did a few trips to Brookfield to finish stuff up at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us.  Now everything is assembled and has officially taken over our living room.  As an added bonus, N got to go to breastfeeding class with me this week.  When I signed up they said they “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” my support person came along.  I don’t think N agrees.  I mean, don’t get me wrong – very informative and the videos were stellar, but I think his time would have been better spent doing pretty much anything.

Baby Update: Now I am having weekly doctor appointments.  My doctor said that he is pretty good at guessing weights, except for when he’s wrong he is REALLY wrong.  With that caveat he is putting the baby at 6 lbs right now, which would mean a birth weight of between 8 and 9 lbs if I go to 40/41 weeks.  We bought a few of the side-snap t-shirts for right after the baby’s born before his cord falls off and had to get the 3 month variety with this in mind and the size was a little …. disconcerting.  I can’t in good conscious type what N said, but you can imagine.  I also had another ultrasound to quadruple check that Bug is head down, and he is – so we are good to go with that.  If you are keeping up with the baby to fruit/vegetable comparisons the apps put this week at a winter melon and a leek.  Bug is practice breathing (which we saw him do on the ultrasound) and sucking and blinking.  The apps also consider 37 weeks full term, but everyone else considers 38 weeks full term, but 40 weeks is the due date.  Whatever.  My doctor is going on some cross country road trip to the grand canyon so I should “feel free to not have the baby” until he gets back and I’m thinking that shouldn’t be an issue 🙂



2 thoughts on “37 Weeks

    1. Thanks Jessica! We are getting really excited too! Glad you are enjoying the blogs – they have been a lot of fun to write!

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