36 Weeks


Mommy Update: Holy cow only 4 weeks left!  Things are getting a little more real and ready.  Having a whole weekend with no plans allowed us to really get a lot done to be ready for Bug’s impending arrival.  I am really getting frustrated with needing to keep my feet up – and a super fun new prego side effect popped up this week – heartburn.  Luckily I only get it from super spicy things… like water.  Overall though I am still feeling really good and know I am really lucky in the side-effects-of-being-a-human-incubator department.  Some side effects that are really exciting (seriously… I’m actually not being sarcastic this time…) are more contractions.  Since I was born so late, I am really hoping that all of these little signs that things are getting ready to go mean that my little one won’t be as late as I was… and that is what I keep telling myself. over. and over.

Daddy Update: N’s coworkers threw him a surprise shower this week.  He was very excited and apparently, there was also cake.  He really works with a fantastic group of people and we can’t wait to bring Bug to the office to meet everyone! N was also really excited with each new thing that gets done around the house for Bug.  It seems like the to-do list is longer than the amount of time we have left, but if anyone can get things done I’m really hoping it’s us!

Baby Update: Bug is as big as a Honeydew Melon.  Not a lot more length – he’s as tall as he’s going to get at this point, but still adding weight.  While I still have quite the honey-do list, our little Honeydew is finishing up a lot of stuff this week and is really close to being able to breath on his own, gums are now rigid, liver and kidneys are good to go, and his circulation and immune systems are also done cooking.

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To: I am missing Bug moving around as much as he used to – he’s just running out of room!  I’m looking forward to seeing what his personality is like.  I’m really starting to get curious….



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