35 Weeks


Mommy and Daddy Update: We are just so blown away with everyone’s generosity and well wishes from our shower this week.  A humongous shout out to Mom V and Mom S, Kait, and Krystal for planning an awesome day.  Also, to all those that helped – Megan,Danielle, Joanne, Vicki, Denise, and Jessica, and I hope I didn’t miss anyone – we truly appreciate it!  To those that celebrated with us in person or in spirit – thank you for the advice, fun, books, and artistic additions to Bug’s nursery!  I will post pictures in a separate post because everything was beautiful – even the weather!

Mommy Update: Work was, as expected, absolutely crazy this week.  I was on my feet and working longer days than I have been and probably should have slowed down, but I am one stubborn cookie.  Unfortunately I started to swell, and it doesn’t seem to ever completely go away any more.  oops.  But even though work was crazy N and I were able to make major progress on the nursery and it’s getting to the point where I might be able to post pictures soon.

Daddy Update: N put his handy skills to work this past week and put together the crib!  It is really starting to look like a nursery!

Baby Update:  Bug is as big as a coconut – 17 – 18 inches and 5 – 6 pounds, which leads me to an obvious question – where do these people buy their coconuts?!?  His hearing is completely done developing and can respond best to high pitched noises, which is different from earlier in his development.  Earlier on he responded more to lower pitches and we definitely noticed he would react to N talking more than me.  Bug will also not probably get much longer, but will add about another pound or so before he is born.



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