34 Weeks



Mommy Update: Only 6 weeks left!  Yikes and yeah all at the same time!  The nursery is moving towards more complete and after shopping with my mom on Thursday, I even found fabric that will help finish off the space.  We also picked up the dresser, ordered a rug, and N found this awesome grey map decal for some wall decor.  I think the pieces are starting to (finally!) come together!  I am continuing to slow down and owe a huge shout out to N and everyone else who is making helping me out with this one.  I’ve definitely been having more contractions and Bug is still in the right (head down) position.  Bug is also slowing down because he is out of real estate!  Bug is also starting to drop.  None of these things mean I’m going to go early – everything is still totally on schedule.  Really, the biggest immediate impact of all of this is that I have lost my bowl shelf of a belly.  I got really spoiled not having to hold snacks and I wasn’t ready to let that go, but my Baby Bump shirt from N’s Aunt finally fits with my new shape!  A little kid asked me if I was having a baby and I said no, I ate a watermelon seed.  The kid looked like she knew I was playing with her, so I laughed and said yes – I was having a baby 🙂 Gotta love little kids.  I sure hope ours is born with a sense of sarcasm – otherwise N and I won’t really know what to do or how to communicate…

Daddy Update: N is excited that the dresser is here (with the added bonus that the extra miles on the car means he can now use cruise control because the car has over 600 miles).   He also finished peeling up the tape on the floor, put in new electrical sockets and a new light fixture, and spray painted the base coat for one of the shelves.  He managed to do all of this and only electrocuted himself once.  He twitches every so often, but is otherwise fine.

Baby Update: Bug can officially recognize music at this point.  Apps have suggested that if we haven’t started singing in my belly’s general direction that we should do so immediately.  N pointed out, however, that lullabies are supposed to be soothing, not scary – so for now we are going to pass.  One more thing Bug should be eternally grateful to us for.

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To:  Just trying to enjoy everything as it happens… but I’m missing a whole night’s sleep.  People say sleep now because once the baby comes…. I would love to take that advice, but it just isn’t going to happen…  I’m looking forward to a crazy week at work (first week of camp, big grant coming due, and some new interns start this week, big Irish Fest meeting), a crazy week seeing friends (dinner with a friend, dinner with N’s work peeps, and a Brewer’s game), and a baby shower!



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