33 Weeks


Mommy Update: The nursery is painted!  I feel like this has been on my “looking forward to” list for a really long time!  It looks great and N did a fantastic job.  We ended up having to do the stripes one shade different because there wasn’t enough of a difference with the tone-on-tone stripes.  With all the work that it took to tape and paint (seriously, over 150 feet of tape and over 3 hours just for taping the stripes!) we decided that maybe the stripes shouldn’t be so … subtle.  On a not completely unrelated topic, we have made a very important parenting decision.  Bug is never allowed to paint his room.  Ever.  We are looking into the legality of keeping future owners of this home from painting over the stripes as well.

It definitely started getting more summer-like this week and one fantastic benefit is that I have the capability to store water like a camel – except I do so, apparently, only in my left ankle.  One day I got to work and when I left the house everything was fine and then it was like POOF.  I actually called the nurse because it was so fast and so one-sided.  This is the first time I have called my entire pregnancy, so I hope I get a sticker or something for making it this long.  That being said, everything is peachy and I am much more committed to keeping my feet up at night and even a little bit at work, when I am actually sitting.

Daddy Update: We finished birth class this past week and it was the one N was looking most forward to.  The focus was “Congratulations – you have birthed a living, breathing, crying child – now what?!?”  It’s amazing that the answer to that question was covered in the span of a little more than two hours 🙂  N is an excellent swaddle-r (or in his words, making a baby burrito).

Baby Update: Bug is slowing down, just like his Mom.  Clearly running out of room, I’m feeling a lot more stretching and hiccups as opposed to Irish jigs and flips.

Looking Forward To/ Missing Most: I am looking forward to getting the crib together and some of the other nursery pieces to come together.  We helped a friend move this past weekend and I was not as “on my feet” as I normally could be and couldn’t make it until the fireworks that night.  Fireworks are pretty much my favorite thing too.  So, basically, I miss not feeling like a 83 year old that needs to walk slow and go to bed “at a reasonable hour”.



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