32 Weeks

32 weeks

Mommy Update: I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends!  I had my first shower this week with friends from my old teaching job.  It was so fantastic to spend a wonderful afternoon with everyone!   Last Monday we toured the hospital and things are definitely starting to be very real (although when I catch my reflection in the mirror I am still sometimes like – woah – my belly is really that big?!?).  The rooms are really nice and quiet and I am just so happy with all of the progressive things the hospital allows.  I thought I was going to have to argue for clear liquids besides water (like vitamin water or juice), immediate skin-to-skin contact (even with a cesarean), and intermittent monitoring (because who wants to be tethered to a machine the whole time like a laboring marionette doll?).  However, all of these (and some stuff I didn’t even think to ask about) are totally standard operating procedure!  Life has been really busy so, like every other week, I am promising that this week I will actually slow down.  I have been waking up more during the night again and so I’ve started taking occasional naps.  I also have been eating smaller portions (when I can help myself) and even had heartburn when I laid down a couple of times.  Truly minor stuff, but good reminders for me to s-l-o-w down.

Daddy Update: N is really excited with our most recent baby purchase – the new car.  We picked up our new Forester this week and N was really excited to drive it in the pounding rain.  He was also excited to tour the hospital.  N was pretty surprised by how quiet it was – he (and I) kind of expected to see or hear at least one pregnant person, but nope – not a one.  Although our nurse said that it was really busy the previous week with the full moon, so maybe it was a little slower than normal.  Teachers and nurses are the only people I know that truly believe there is something behind a full moon.

Baby Update: Bug is still getting bigger!  This week we are in bok choy and squash territory.  In standard measurement that translates to 4 lbs and 16 – 17 inches.  I can tell bug is getting a lot bigger because punches have turned into stretches and I’ve even felt hiccups a few times.  Average children are getting into the head-down position this week, but not our early achiever – he’s been in the head down position for at least a month and a half.  I wonder if that is something that should be mentioned on applications for preschools and Kindergarten?  Never too early to start planning these things.

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To: I am really missing being able to pick something up off the ground without thinking “do I really need that?”  The answer is typically still “yes” but I can see the importance of things on the floor decreasing drastically over the next few weeks.  It’s also nearly impossible to stand up from sitting on the floor without either N helping me up or the use of a large crane.  I am looking forward to finishing the stripes on the nursery wall.  (we are doing one wall of tone-on-tone stripes)  I am not sure which is more fun – wandering around Venice, jet lagged and lost (because that city doesn’t ‘believe’ in street names) or trying to tape off 8 1/2 inch horizontal stripes in an almost 70-year-old home.  At least Venice had wine…

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