30 Weeks

1-30 003

Mommy Update: Well, the time finally came this week for my wedding rings to stay off.  My belly button is officially flat.  Bug particularly enjoys laying on my bladder or curling up under the right side of my rib cage.  I definitely “felt” pregnant this week.  Thank goodness though, I still haven’t had any back or leg pain, which I was really expecting a lot of.  This week I made another trip to the prego lady clothing store with another friend who is expecting and that was a lot of fun.  It is so much easier to buy clothes when your not worried about if your stomach looks flat, or at least that has been my experience.  We also took maternity pictures this week and hopefully I will have them ready to share for next week’s update!  We went to Grant Park on a practically perfect day – what a great excuse to get out and enjoy the weather!  We also started birth classes this week. So that’s a thing.  This week was mostly about the stages of labor and when to know to go to the hospital.  Useful information, but really I just want to see how big the epidural needle is.

Daddy Update: N is mostly excited about the fact that his new toy is going to be available for delivery this week… and we are also getting the crib delivered this week so he is looking forward to getting that all set up and ready to go.  A side note, one of his new favorite past times is waking up the baby if bug is sleeping and messing with the baby if bug is already awake.  I wouldn’t mind as much if there was a way to do this without poking my belly.  Not sure if this kiddo is going to need a college fund or a therapist fund  – probably both 😉

Baby Update: The big 3 – 0. Bug should be the size of a large cabbage (15 – 17 inches and 3 – 4-ish pounds).  Bug is able to do some pretty amazing things at this point.  For example, bug is strong enough to grasp a finger (also known as the Palmer Grasp Reflex).  Bug will automatically grab anything that brushes the inside of the hand and automatically open the hand if something brushes the back of the hand until bug is 5 months old.  Bug can also tell the difference between sunlight and artificial light, but typically I like to have my stomach covered up when I’m walking around the neighborhood (you’re welcome) so I don’t really know how much natural light our wee one is getting…  Also, although some people can feel hiccups at this point, I haven’t noticed any.

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To: I miss my rings – SO annoying not having them on!  I might need to buy something to wear and fiddle with.  I am looking forward to seeing the maternity pictures!

1-30 005


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