27 Weeks

1-May 2013 078

Mommy Update: Hooray!  2 trimesters down & 1 to go!  I had a fun day on Sunday with two friends going to get pedis – which is becoming rather necessary because I don’t think I could still paint my own toes.  I am still feeling really good and had my first Braxton Hicks contractions on Saturday.  They don’t hurt, but it was still a little weird.  This week was the week of dairy – Greek yogurt, milk, frozen yogurt – bug’s bones are going to be stronger than titanium!   Now that I am in the 3rd trimester I need to start eating an extra 450 calories a day – so that isn’t going to be a problem 🙂

Daddy Update: N had his first go at the yard.  We are really needing to do quite a bit this year because we lost some larger bushes due to hungry rabbits and the cold this past winter.  I actually like doing this kind of stuff, so it’s a little frustrating to not be able to help.  N’s mom is coming up next weekend though, and we couldn’t be more excited both to see her and get the extra help!!

Bug Update: Bug is roughly 2 pounds and 15 inches (cauliflower or rutabaga).  Bug pretty much looks like the finished product, just thinner and smaller.  We have another ultrasound this week so it will be exciting to see how things are progressing!  I am definitely getting bigger and if I lean forward at my desk when I am at work for too long Bug squirms to remind me that I am not giving the wee one enough space.  Right now brain development is focused on the forebrain, which deals with visual and auditory information.  The brain stem is pretty much done at this point (which controls vital functions like heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure) which is why babies born at this point can do so well.

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To: I’m not really missing anything, just looking forward to August!

1-May 2013 079


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