23 Weeks


Mommy Update: Bug is definitely getting on a schedule.  I have been woken up every morning since last Tuesday between 3:58 and 4:05 with a karate kick to a random internal organ.  N and I are both hoping that bug is as good about sleeping almost all the way through the night once August hits 🙂  I have 2 weeks left until I am officially in the 3rd trimester, which is a little hard to believe!  I have started seeing a lot of articles on “how to survive the 3rd trimester” and I am just glad that everyone is predicting a cooler than normal summer…

Daddy Update: N felt Bug moving around a TON on Friday night.  It’s been a while since he felt a lot of strong, consistent movement so it was pretty cool and good timing.  N is also settling into his new job and is really loving it.

Baby Update: Bug is the size of a grapefruit (11.8 inches and 12.7 – 20.8 oz).  Bug’s size will be doubling over the next few weeks (!) which means I will probably be getting huge because I am allll baby right now.  Bug is also finishing the growth of the 3 bones in the ear and can respond to familiar or loud sounds like a car horn honking, a dog barking, or N & my voice.  I have noticed that if Bug is moving a lot and I start talking, Bug goes still.

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To: I miss sleeping through the 4 AM hour.  I am looking forward to getting the nursery furniture so we can start decorating!  I’m also looking forward to next Easter because we’ll be able to have the Easter Bunny visit…



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