22 Weeks

22 week

Mommy Update: Another great week!  I can definitely tell towards the end of the week that I am a little slower, especially if I have been on my feet or walking a lot.  I’m not achy or anything yet, just a little slower which isn’t my normal M.O.  My obsession with sparkling water continues.  We also went to Costco this past week and we loaded up on a ton of yummy snacks.  I have been eating a ton of dark chocolate covered berries, pea crisps, and cranberry juice, which apparently is is only sold by the keg.  Initially the idea was to get an SUV because we need to be able to take both the dog and the baby camping, but clearly it is also necessary for our future trips to Costco.

Daddy Update: The biggest news in N’s world is that he started a new job this past week!  If you asked him to explain it he would say that he is in the same group but has moved from support to development.  This means he will be focusing more on designing and “big picture” stuff in addition to creating new code.  He is really excited about the great opportunity.  When he goes into any more detail, all I hear is the teacher from Peanuts.

Baby Update: Bug is as big as a papaya.  In real people terms that means bug is a foot tall (?!?) and weighs between 13 and 21 oz, which means as of next week we will be in the pound or more territory!  Bug has nerve endings and thus a sense of touch.  Bug is supposed to be sleeping in 12 to 14 hour cycles.  I notice a lot of “awake” time between 9-11 AM and then again on and off from 4 – 7 and then a little more when I go to bed around 11.  Every time we have an ultrasound the nurses and techs say bug is really well behaved.  Bug is always in the right position and moves the right way when needed.  I feel like the letting-me-sleep-without-trying-to-kick-ones-way-out is further evidence of the well behaved status.  Let’s just hope this respectful and appropriate behavior continues until, oh, say, 2034.

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To: We went out for tacos with N’s work peeps at this new place in Tosa (Bel Air).  The barbacoa  was divine and the fried avocado was, and I am not exaggerating, a  life-altering experience.  I lost count of how many pitchers of margaritas were consumed (ginger pineapple).   I miss those, but I’m also thinking that I’m going to miss going out with 10 other people on a Tuesday night just because.  I’m looking forward to many more “just because” dinners and figuring out how we are still going to make it work after August.

22 week chalk


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