20 Weeks


Mommy Update: Holy smokes – 20 weeks!  This is clearly the halfway point because births are always on schedule and go according to plan.  I’m feeling more kicks and punches which is really cool (mainly because they are still pretty soft).  I had my first pre-natal yoga class last week and at the end bug was clearly doing some yoga as well!  My doctor measured my belly for the first time and everything is normal and good.  A few weeks ago a friend came over and brought seltzer and now I can’t get enough of the stuff!  I’m on my second 2 liter right now and it is reminding me of Italy, which is also reminding me of what it was like to be warm.  We got out and started cleaning up the yard this past weekend and I can’t wait to be able to sit out on the patio and enjoy some nice weather!

Daddy Update: N is still looking into cars.  There are just so many options!  Hopefully we can start test driving soon – but we know that as soon as we start test driving we will want to buy, and we really don’t need the car until closer to June.  As a slight aside, N hates seltzer water.  He is pretty sure it is the grossest thing ever.  More for me 🙂

Baby Update: Bug looks great.   We saw the heart pumping and all the valves working and the brain and the spine – everything just is looking really good.  Bug is the size of a banana (6 – 6.5 inches).  From this point forward bug will be measured from head to toe.  They can’t actually measure length anymore cuz bug is just too big (?!?!?!), but an approximation is number of weeks divided by 2, thus bug is about 10 inches head to toe right now.  Bug is also between 6 – 7 oz and has working taste buds.

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To: My skin is not exactly “glow-ey” anymore – I miss that.  I’m looking forward to starting to buy stuff for the nursery!




One thought on “20 Weeks

  1. You are looking beautiful, Mommy 🙂
    I am thinking you will need to share those nursery ideas..with your Mom and Me.

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