19 Weeks


Mommy Update: So far so good!  Bug alternates between moving around a lot and not at all.  My belly is starting to get more in the way and I’m having a harder time carrying bigger things – thank goodness everyone at work and N have been awesome at helping when I need it.  I’m still trying to do as much as possible by myself though because doing nothing for the next 5 months is not going to do anyone any favors.  My belly button is starting to pop a little – so I know it’s not all in my head either 🙂  N and I are starting to zero in on some color combinations for bug’s room.  We wanted something fairly gender neutral, bright but not requiring sun glasses, and a little eclectic – not a nursery-in-a-box.  When I say “we” wanted these things, for the most part I do mean “we”, but I definitely attacked Pinterest with the fervor of either a military general or a first year interior-design student.  SOOOO anywho… here are the color palettes we are thinking of:

This is one option, but the first blue would be more teal.
Loving the teals and oranges, hating the browns – it is a baby’s room after all.
Loving everything, but the pink would be more of a coral or a melon.

Daddy Update: N got to feel the baby kick!  It was “cool to finally be able to feel that”.  He also bottled a dark IPA that smells heavenly and will be ready for consumption next week.  He’s going to try to have a new batch ready for the baby shower – not that any dates have been picked, but we do know there will be beer!  N is also really looking forward to all of the yard work that is up ahead this spring.  I usually do a lot of the “in the dirt” stuff like weeding, so we are going to have to figure out how I can still do something without digging in the ground or compost.  (For those who are new to the whole preggo thing or were preggo in ‘simpler times’ gardening is on the strict no-no list, right up there with tequila shots, heroin, and hot tubs)

Baby Update: All websites that compare fetuses to fruit agree – bug is the size of a mango this week.  That is, in non-fruit terms, six inches from bum to noggin and 7 – 8.5 ounces.  Bug is also working on developing the nerve cells in the brain that give the senses of taste, hearing, sight, and smell.

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To:  I miss being able to carry a ton of stuff without thinking twice.  I’m looking forward to the next doctor’s appointment to see how everything is progressing.



3 thoughts on “19 Weeks

  1. I love your updates you look terrific. Daddy, isn’t it awesome to feel the baby kick. I remember in the early months Nathan would kick and by the time Dad ran over…nothing, he would walk away and again a kick.

  2. We have definitely had a few false alarms, but we have been pretty lucky when we are both just sitting on the couch. Kicks and punches are starting to get stronger too, so I’m sure there will many more opportunities 🙂 Also – I was surprised too, but apparently exposing preggo ladies to strong-willed women can lead to rebellious behavior, thinking for oneself, and in very rare cases, attempting flight (which is just not possible with a big belly) so best just to avoid. Also – thanks – I fixed the typo 🙂

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