18 Weeks


Mommy Update: Not much is new this week.  Bug is moving a lot more frequently, but N can’t feel it yet.  Work was pretty busy this week and I was sitting on the floor with some kids and it was a little difficult getting up.  Mostly I’m just getting used to having a bigger belly.  Food cravings haven’t been too crazy – still a lot of juice and fruit.

Daddy Update: N and I finally decided on a stroller and N also was looking at some tech-y bottle that cordless-ly self heats milk to the appropriate temperature in less than four minutes.  He said he doesn’t actually want it, but it was just cool.  Basically there is no hope for our bug – he or she is going to be a huge nerd 🙂

Baby Update: Bug is the size of a sweet potato or a bell pepper.  Bug is starting to be able to detect light and the wee one’s heart is now pumping 25 to 30 quarts of blood a day.

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To: Not really missing much of anything right now, but N has a batch of beer that he is bottling this week so that is going to be a bummer.  Looking forward to a good Ruben tomorrow night with some good friends.



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