Week 17


Mommy Update: I felt the baby move this week.  I told N it felt like a butterfly doing a barrel roll.  I’m feeling bug about one time a day now, but it’s not enough for anyone else to feel yet.  N and I were shopping and I got a few more maternity tops, but mostly I’m still in my regular tops, but pants have been a no-go for a while.  The great clean out continues.  This week the focus was clothes.  I got rid of everything that I should have gotten rid of a while ago and now the back of the car is full and a trip to Goodwill is in order.  The once-was-a-spare-bedroom-but-will-soon-be-a-nursery is getting a lot emptier and all this purging and organizing is making me one happy camper.

Daddy Update: N made caramel brownies this week for to take to a friends house for dinner (it was going to be a team effort, but I got stuck at a long meeting).  They were fabulous.  It is tradition at his work that one announces a pregnancy by bringing in caramel brownies.  I made some for him to take in to work in January, but we had bought enough stuff to make a second batch for ourselves and finally got around to it this week.  I will post the recipe because they are some of the best brownies we have ever had.  N also joined in the great clean out this week and added to the donation pile.  We also paid off the cars this week, which means it is time to (apparently) start looking at bigger alternatives.  We decided his car needs to go because it is too small and is a stick.  We want something that can tow a trailer and hold all of our stuff, the dog, the dog’s stuff, the baby, and the baby’s stuff for a weekend camping trip.  So, an 18 passenger van or a U-Haul – we’re doing the research on fuel efficiency and bad weather handling.  If anyone has an opinion for or against a “family” vehicle – please let us know!

Baby Update: Bug is as big as an onion – a 5 inch long onion.  Apparently when bugs are measured it is from the top of the head to the bum, so it doesn’t count leg length.  Bug is also starting to put some fat on.  Bones are also continuing to harden.

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To: Not really missing anything or looking forward to anything – just enjoying now!



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