Week 15


Mommy Update: I am really enjoying the little warm up and N and I have gotten to take the puppy for a few walks.  Even though it has been a really cold winter, I am not feeling the cold nearly as much as I normally do, which has been an awesome bonus.  I got some round ligament pain this week, so I am really going to start going to prenatal yoga this week.  maybe.  if I still have the energy on Thursday.

Daddy Update: It’s been a busy work week, so we are looking forward to things being a little calmer this week!

Baby Update:  Baby is the size of an apple or an orange.  Apparently, bug is starting to squirm quite a bit, but I can’t tell.  I have another doctor appointment this week, so I’ll get to hear the heartbeat again.  It has been really strong (and fast!) every time.  Side note – my blood volume has increased over 20% so far, and by August it will have increased between 30 – 50%.  Gross.

Missing Most/ Looking Forward To: We went out to dinner this week and N had a steak that wasn’t as done as a hockey puck and a beer.  The beer didn’t sound good, but a nice medium rare steak and a glass of Chianti sounds delish.  I’m looking forward to continuing to organize stuff around the house.  The office should be done this week, which means we can move to the basement next!



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