Week 14


Mommy Update: I went maternity clothes shopping over the weekend with my mom and it seems like I am getting closer to needing them!  Some days I feel bigger than others, and today was a bigger day!  I am getting my energy back and am not feeling winded when I go up a big flight of stairs, which is fabulous.  Cravings are strong, but starting to slow for Jimmy John’s veggie subs and the berry booster smoothie from the-place-we-will-always-refer-to-as-Alterra-even-though-now-it-is-Colectivo.

Daddy Update: N is being a huge help and finished the chalkboard for me to start taking pictures with!  He also just finished updating the upstairs bathroom.  Finally telling people was “nice” and “a relief” and I couldn’t agree more!

Baby Update: Nothing new – it’s going to be a few weeks before I can start to feel anything but we have another doctor’s appointment next week.  Baby is the size of a lemon (!) and now has it’s own hormones.  I haven’t been too hormonal – except for the SUPER sappy Olympic mom commercials.  Seriously.  Enough already.  If anything N says I’m getting sassier.  If this is coming from the bug, we are in trouble 🙂

Missing & Looking Forward: sleeping through the night & coffee tasting good/ getting the office organized so I can move my scrapbooking stuff out of the spare bedroom/future nursery



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